PUG Meeting 2021-03-17

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2:00 pm - 2:10 pm
Introductions & updates

2:10 pm - 2:50 pm
Presentation: Storing Intermediate Results in Space and Time: SQL Graphs in jSQLe
Presenter: Basem Elazzabi, PhD, PSU
Abstract: The advancement of data-collection technology means more data is available for data-intensive decision making. To analyze this data, analysts often need to use multiple tools and systems, including spreadsheets, R, Matlab, Tableau and databases. Typically, the more complex and demanding the data-analysis task is, the more tools and systems are needed to complete the task; one monolithic data-analysis system cannot satisfy all data-analysis needs. Embracing diversity, where each tool and system specializes in a specific area, allows us to satisfy more needs than a monolithic system could. For example, some tools can handle data manipulation, while others handle different types of visualizations. However, these tools typically do not interoperate. In this research we explore a new model for a data analysis platform that allows tools to share their results - reducing the amount of time spent on extracting, converting, reformatting, and moving data. We describe this system and show how it was used to implement arrival time predictions based on historical transit data.
Slides are found here.