2024 PORTAL Projects

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Below is a list of the approved PORTAL enhancement tasks for 2024-2025:

  • Pedestrian volume estimation using signals push button data.
  • Planning and designing signal performance metrics (e.g. split failure, detector failure) similar to UDOT.
  • Improvements to TriMet data download.
  • Travel Time
    • Due to the deactivation of bluetooth detectors, travel time calculations will be updated using stations data (similar to WSDOT travel time calculations). Travel time calculations will be limited to interstates and highways with stations data.
    • Select start point and end point, or predefined corridor.
    • Add buffer index.
  • Highways
    • Scope and design additional performance metrics (similar to stations page, and allow for historical comparison similar to travel time page).
    • Scope and design updates to the heat map to show lane by lane results.
    • Deployment for highways redesign slated for 2025-2026.